Cruz Foam is powering industry
leaders to be the catalyst for
a cleaner environment

Plastic Pollution

The use of non-renewable and single use foams is a problem for every person on this planet: plastic pollution in the ocean is a persistent contaminant that harms both humans and animals. Among single use plastics, polystyrene foam takes over 500 years to degrade, but most often is closer to 1,000 years; currently US landfills contain over 30% plastics with the majority attributed to polystyrene and polyurethane. Further, government legislation is now being passed that will require businesses to rapidly transition to natural, alternative materials.

The Solution


Cruz Foam is building partnerships around the world with industry leaders in crustacean processing, wherein a re-capturing process has been developed to isolate what was previously waste material for use in consumer grade products such as packing materials, containers, and more.


Under multiple patents, Cruz Foam has created a highly scalable eco-friendly production process by which a bio-benign foam is created from entirely natural ingredients.


Cruz Foam product range can offer anything from consumer packaging and shipping materials utilizing industry standard, scalable processes including thermoforming, die cutting, and three-dimensional molded parts.

All-Natural Processing

We are incredibly proud to offer a solution that is 100% natural. We use no petrol-based additives, no toxins, and no harmful processes behind our production.

Made From Shell Waste, Not Oil

From day-1 we have focused on the reindustrialization of pre-existing waste streams. The ocean crustacean and chitin waste stream is the second most abundant biopolymer on the planet, only second to cellulose.

Zero Landfill

We offer multiple ranges of products to our customer base which all are designed to redefine the gold standard for waste-disposal. Exceeding both national and local regulations, we will leave the customer with a guilt free solution to their product packaging needs.

Trusted Partners and Affiliations